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G 7919 SCi XXL AutoDos OBSW Integrated dishwasher product photo Energyicon energyicon
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Short Description
Integrated dishwasher with AutoDos, 3D MultiFlex tray and MaxiComfort basket design. Perfect results - only 6 l water consumption in the Automatic programme. Obsidian black fascia.

  • Superior cleaning - using AutoDos, the world's 1st automatic dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk
  • Perfect results – using QuickPowerWash in 58 minutes.
  • No need to towel dry with - AutoOpen drying for automatic drying.
  • Flexibility creates convenience with easy adjustment – FlexLine baskets
from the ""All Steel"" series from Harri Koskinen, satin finish excl. for Miele.Turbo Mini turbobrush for quick removal of hair and lint thanks to the powerful roller brush.
Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU113212500730022007252850
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