DGC 7840 XL VitroLine Obsidian Black Steam combination oven

for steam cooking, baking, roasting with wireless food probe + menu cooking.
  • Large touch display with proximity sensor – M Touch + MotionReact
  • Perfect results – DualSteam technology
  • Crispy outside, succulent inside – combination cooking
  • Network-enabled WiFi appliance – Miele@home with Mix & Match
  • Easy cleaning – PerfectClean stainless steel oven interior
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DGC 7840 XL VitroLine Obsidian Black Steam combination oven
Protect your appliances for years to come. Extend your 2 year standard manufacturer warranty to 5 or 125 months.DetailsDetailsDetails

(H) 456mm x (W) 595mm x (D) 572mm

IMPORTANT: Please measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit. A restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase.

Model overview:

  • Glass inlay handle
  • M Touch controls
  • 21 functions
  • 48 l capacity
  • 3 rack levels
  • 3-in-1 appliance: Oven, Steam Oven and combination steam oven
  • DualSteam
  • External steam generator
  • Touch2Open
  • SoftOpen, SoftClose
  • Automatic programmes
  • Wireless food probe
  • SuperVision, MotionReact
  • 2 Steam Cooking containers
  • WiFiConn@ct, MobileControl, Miele@Home
  • PerfectClean tray, 1 pair of Flexi-Clip telescopic runners

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Intelligent assistance
Exclusive to Miele
Mix & Match
Intelligent assistance
The Miele app suggests three types of food that can be cooked simultaneously.
More than just a control element
Exclusive to Miele
Motorised lift-up control panel with SoftClose
More than just a control element
Convenient: open and close the lift-up control panel with a tap of a finger to reveal the water container.
Diverse possibilities
Wide range of applications
Diverse possibilities
Steam cooking is also ideal for blanching, defrosting, reheating, proving yeast dough or melting chocolate.
Professional features
Exclusive to Miele
Stainless steel oven interior with PerfectClean
Professional features
High-quality and easy to clean: our steam combination ovens all feature a stainless-steel oven compartment.
A perfect view at all levels
A perfect view at all levels
Powerful and attractive: High-quality LED spotlights perfectly illuminate the oven compartment.
The benefits of external steam
External steam generation
The benefits of external steam
Steam generation outside the oven compartment prevents limescale residues and ensures easy cleaning.
For a complete menu
Exclusive to Miele
Automatic menu cooking
For a complete menu
Cook several components at once: the temperature, cooking duration and sequence are determined automatically.
Everything in one appliance
3-in-1 principle
Everything in one appliance
A space-saving combination: oven mode, steam cooking and combination cooking for maximum flexibility.
Effortless cooking with perfect results
Automatic programmes
Effortless cooking with perfect results
Conjure up delicious dishes with ease: whether fish, meat or vegetables, cooking is regulated fully automatically.
Moisture and dry heat: the ideal combination
Exclusive to Miele
Combination cooking
Moisture and dry heat: the ideal combination
Pure enjoyment: perfect results when baking and roasting with a combination of dry and moist heat.
Meat and fish cooked to perfection
Wireless food probe
Meat and fish cooked to perfection
Convenient monitoring: the core temperature is precisely measured so the desired degree of cooking is maintained.
Different quantities, same cooking duration
Quantity-independent cooking
Different quantities, same cooking duration
Always the same time: 100 g or 1 kg – the cooking time for the food stays the same.
Preserves nutrients and protects the appliance
Exclusive to Miele
Automatic keeping warm function
Preserves nutrients and protects the appliance
Prevents food from cooling down: food is automatically kept warm for 15 minutes after the programme has ended.
All-round expert for even results
Exclusive to Miele
All-round expert for even results
Maximum enjoyment: the steam spreads evenly and rapidly – for perfect cooking results.
Networking with Miele@home
M Touch
MotionReact: light comes on when movement is detected
MotionReact: display comes on when movement is detected
MotionReact: audible signal is acknowledged when movement is detected
MotionReact: detection of cabinet fronts
Help function
Motorised lift-up control panel with SoftClose
Quantity-independent cooking
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time
Automatic menu cooking
Steam reduction before end of programme
Polyphonic buzzers
Timer functions
Time of day display
Date display
Minute minder
Programmable start of cooking duration
Programmable end of cooking duration
Programmable cooking duration
Actual temperature display
Target temperature display
Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
Recommended temperature
User programmes
Sabbath programme
Individual settings
MotionReact proximity sensor
XL oven interior
Oven interior volume in l
No. of shelf levels
Numbered shelf levels
Oven light
Oven mode temperatures min. in °C
Oven mode temperatures max. in °C
Steam-cooking mode temperatures min. in °C
Steam-cooking mode temperatures max. in °C
Niche width min. in mm
Niche width max. in mm
Niche height min. in mm
Niche height max. in mm
Niche depth in mm
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Weight in kg
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Frequency in Hz
Number of phases
Fuse rating in A
Mains cable with plug
Length of supply lead in m
Replacing lamps
Customer Service
Stainless steel oven interior with linen structure and PerfectClean
Hinged grill element
External steam generator
Floor heater for condensate reduction
Maintenance programmes
Soak programme
Rinse programme
Oven interior drying programme
Quick-release side racks
Removable stainless steel side racks
CleanGlass door
Steam combination oven
Appliance colour
Obsidian black
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool front
Safety switch-off
System lock
Vapour cooling system
Sensor lock
Automatic programmes
Country-specific Automatic programmes
Combination cooking
Combination cooking with Fan Plus
Combination cooking with Conventional Heat
Combination cooking with Full Grill
Steam cooking
Roast with moisture
Grill operating modes
Economy Grill​
Fan Plus
Intensive Bake
Cake Plus
Conventional Heat
Top Heat
Bottom Heat
Fan Grill
Eco Fan Heat
Eco steam cooking
Heating crockery
Special applications
Fresh water container volume in l
Condensate container behind motorised lift-up control panel with SoftClose
Drain filter
Available display languages via MultiLingua
français, hrvatski, nederlands, yкраїнська, ελληνιкά, 中文, 日本語, 한국어, bahasa malaysia, dansk, español, italiano, português, română, slovenčina, srpski, suomi, türkçe, čeština, 繁體中文, english, magyar, pусский, slovenščina, svenska, العربية, deutsch, norsk, polski
Universal tray with PerfectClean
Baking and roasting rack with PerfectClean
FlexiClip telescopic runners with PerfectClean
Removable PerfectClean shelf runners (pair)
No. of perforated stainless steel cooking containers
No. of solid stainless steel cooking containers
Descaling tablets
Rapid Heat-up
External steam generation
Oxygen sensor
Individual humidity settings in combination cooking
Menu cooking without transfer of taste
Mix & Match
Food probe
Without cable
Automatic programmes with ability to make individual adjustments
Keeping warm
Crisp function


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