DGD 4635 Steam oven with pressure

38 cm tall steam oven with pressure - the fastest and most powerful steam oven. Electronic controls, seven-segment LCD display and 19 litre capacity.
  • Quickest heating times and shortest cooking times – PowerSteam
  • Maximum user and cleaning convenience – fresh water connection
  • Exemplary safety thanks to reliablesafety systems
  • A great feature – telescopic shelf
  • Maximum enjoyment through automatic cool-down
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Pressure Steam Oven for super fast steam cooking. The DGD 4635 has multiple uses:

Pressure cooking (105 - 120?C)
Steam cooking (40 - 100?C)
Reheating (Pre-set at 95?C)
Defrosting (50 - 60?C)

Depending on individual preferences, changes can be made in either 1 or 5?C increments if activated in the Settings menu.

Featuring fast steam generation, the shortest possible heat up times are possible with the DGD 4635, thanks to its compact pressure chamber of 19L and high performance 5.0 kW steam generator.

Cooking times are reduced by up to 50% when cooking with pressure steam at 120?C, which is particularly suitable for heat-stable vegetables, pulses and many types of meat. As this Miele pressure cooker requires plumbed connection to the water and drainage, the machine is ready for use at a moments notice and dispenses for the need to refill or empty water containers.

For user confidence whilst working with extreme heat and pressure, there are a number of safety features available on the DGD 4635

Pressure release / safety valve if either of these trips, steam will be released gently above and below the door hinge arm.
Overheating protection - if the pressure steam temperature gets too high it will automatically shut off.
Safety lock - to prevent appliance unintentionally being switched on
System lock once activated, the appliance can be switched on or off. However, it cannot be used.

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  • KMB 5000-S
  • AB 45-7
  • DGSE 1
  • DGSB 2
  • DGGL 8
  • DGGL 6
  • DGGL 5
  • DGGL 4
  • DGGL 10
  • DGGL 1
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