B 3847 FashionMaster Steam ironing system

Enjoy professional results from home with the FashionMaster. With the perfect combination of hand iron, steam generator, steam jet and ironing board, the FashionMaster Steam Ironing System makes ironing simpler, faster and more uniform than ever before.
  • Uniform steam distribution – Miele honeycomb soleplate
  • Professional ironing results due to 4.0 bar steam pressure
  • Convenient set-up/storage – 1-2 lift system
  • Perfect ironing with support of the active ironing board​​​​​
  • Convenient smoothing of hanging garments – Steamer
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97 cm (w) x 47 cm (h) x 148 cm (d)

128 cm (w) x 47 cm (h) x 37 cm (d) Folded

120 cm (w) x 40 cm (d) Ironing surface

Model Overview

Miele honeycomb soleplate distributes steam quickly and evenly over garments
Consistent steam output and 4 bar steam pressure deliver professional results
Active ironing board suction function holds textiles in place
Active ironing board inflation function to smooth but not press items
1-2 Lift System for minimal effort in set up
Steam Jet to easily care for garments on hangers such as dresses and jackets
Perfect working height via infinite height adjustment (83 to 102cm)
Non-stick soleplate protects delicate fabrics, sequins and prints (and creates no shiny patches!)
Enables ironing of multi-layered items easily
ComfortZone enables entire front half of a shirt to be ironed without repositioning
Large water container (1.25L) for approx. one full hour of ironing
Storage compartments to store iron and accessories
Castors enable easy transport of the FashionMaster
Display keeps you informed about the appliance (eg. prompts when water container needs refilling)
CoolDown function switches appliance off after 3 minutes if not in use
AutoOff function switches appliance off when not in use for 15 minutes
Guided first time use for water hardness and language setting
Guided descaling for appliance care
Automatic rinsing for ease of use

Operating instructions
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