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CSAD 1400 38.8cm CombiSet Cooktop Protective Lid

$ 499.00
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Perfectly geared to Miele CS 1312 BG CombiSet element
Both sides can be used, one fluted side, one smooth side
Made from cast-iron with special enamelling
Incl. removable handle for right- and left-handed persons
Reversible aluminium griddle with black enamel coating
For use with CS 1312 BG electric barbecue
To cover 380 cm wide CombiSets when not in use.
Hinges with premium buffers
No pinching of fingers
For a beautiful Sleek look with streamlined surfaces
CleanSteel finish for easy cleaning
Decorative and protective lid for use on 38.8 cm wide CombiSets (excl. CS 1421 S Salamander)

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