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HyClean 3D Efficiency FJM multi pack dustbags
Product ID: 10408420
$ 119.00
for quick removal of hair and fluff even from carpet that needs gentle care.
Product ID: 10455360
$ 179.00
For safely trapping dust and ensuring clean room air.
Product ID: 10592080
$ 20.00
For thorough cleaning of edges and corners.
Product ID: 10592090
$ 20.00
Spacer strip for installing several SmartLine elements in one single cut-out.
Product ID: 10690630
$ 99.00
Recirculation conversion kit for KMDA 7633 FL and CSDA 10x0 for converting a downdraft extractor from extraction to recirculation mode.
Product ID: 11207310
$ 699.00

Our VARTA Li-Ion battery offers up to 60 minutes* of cleaning per charge per battery.

  • For the cordless handstick Triflex HX1
  • Very powerful thanks to seven high-performance cells
  • Powered by Varta
  • Replacing the battery is quick and easy
Product ID: 11384710
$ 249.00

HEPA AirClean filter Twin pack at a discount price – for two years of clean air
Product ID: 11713280
$ 99.99
Odour filter with active charcoal prevents unpleasant odours in the kitchen.
Product ID: 11762560
$ 119.00
For ceramic glass cooktops.
Product ID: 01065471
$ 34.50
For best cleaning results and safe use.
Product ID: 10162750
$ 16.50
For best cleaning results and safe use.
Product ID: 10173230
$ 13.50
Specialist detergent for cleaning dark and black fabrics.
Product ID: 10757160
$ 21.95

WoolCare caps 9-pack wool and delicates detergent. EasyOpen.
Product ID: 11703110
$ 14.95

Accessories for "Miele'+/*!00000ORDER*/+/*!00000BY*/+1--+-":

SmartLine element with induction PowerFlex cooking zone
Product ID: 10787010
  • Miele Everyday Kitchen Package Benefit
$ 2,899.00
SmartLine element with induction Tepan Yaki
Product ID: 10787050
  • Miele Everyday Kitchen Package Benefit
$ 4,999.00
Miele Caps are the perfect addition for special laundry applications.
Product ID: 10756360
$ 10.95

For wool, silks and delicates.

Product ID: 10249550
$ 19.95
Miele UltraWhite detergent is especially developed for white or light coloured garments.
Product ID: 10459750
$ 29.95
Miele Caps are the perfect addition for special laundry applications. The Fabric Conditioner Caps are particularly suitable for terry towelling fabric.
Product ID: 10755270
$ 14.95
Removes dangerous limescale deposits from dishwashers and washing machines.
Product ID: 10506320
$ 16.50
Easily cleans the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine
Product ID: 10717320
$ 16.50