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Kitchen appliances made for living

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. As the place for preparing and sharing meals, entertaining in or retreating to, selecting the right kitchen appliances is central to maintaining a healthy and happy home life. Discover kitchen solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable in a surprisingly stunning range of ways.


Why choose Miele Smart Speed Ovens

With innovative, smart technology, Miele’s smart speed ovens will revolutionise the way you cook as when combining oven function with the speed and efficiency of microwave cooking, you can enjoy exceptional results up up to 30% faster.

Miele’s powerful speed ovens come in a range of colourways to suit your kitchen design and are equipped with convenient automatic programmes that take the guesswork out of cooking. Our speed ovens include specifications such as:

  • Glass inlay handle
  • Full touch DirectSensor S controls and clear text display
  • Large touch display with movement sensor - M Touch controls
  • MotionReact and SuperVision
  • Automatic Programmes
  • Functions incl 1000 w microwave
  • Food Probe
  • Popcorn function
  • 43 l capacity
  • Easy cleaning – compartment with PerfectClean and linen structure
  • 3 rack levels
  • SoftOpen & SoftClose
  • Faster and more consistent results – Quick and Gentle
  • Network-enabled WiFi appliance – WiFiConn@ct, MobileControl, Miele@Home

For our full model overview please see our individual product description pages. 


Enjoy more of what you love

Whatever your needs demand and whatever styles suit your profile, shop Miele for beautifully functional kitchen appliances. Take advantage of additional savings of 10% for 5 appliances, 7.5% for 4 appliances and 5% for 3 appliances today (terms and conditions apply).

Find the right smart cooktop to suit your cooking needs online today.

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