Fragrance Flacon - Aqua

Fresh, fragrant laundry that lasts for up to 4 weeks

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Fragrance Flacon - Aqua

• Fresh, fragrant laundry that lasts for up to 4 weeks
• Bouncy as well as beautifully fragrant laundry
• Pure and thorough cleanliness with a fresh scent
• Developed 'en Provence' by perfume specialists specifically for Miele
• For 50 drying cycles.

For use only with Miele tumble dryer models below.

TDA 150 C
TKB 350 WP
TKG 450 WP
TKR 450 WP
TMV 840 WP
TDB 130 WP
TDD 130 WP
TCE 630 WP
TKG 852 WP
TMR 840 WP
TWB 140 WP
TWD 440 WP
TWF 720 WP
TWJ 660 WP
TWR 860 WP
TEA 235 WP
TWC 220 WP
TWH 780 WP
TWL 780 WP
TWR 780 WP
TWV 780 WP

Fragrance the way you love it!
Tumble dryer fragrances
Fragrance the way you love it!
Freshness for all the senses: Miele ensures not only particularly soft, but also beautifully fragrant laundry.
A distinctive fresh scent
Aqua fragrance flacon
A distinctive fresh scent
Fragrant and clean: fruity freshness combines with floral notes to create a distinctive fragrance.
Patent: EP 2 431 516
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