CM 6160 MilkPerfection Obsidian Black Benchtop coffee machine

With WiFiConn@ct and a wide selection of speciality coffees for maximum freedom.
  • Creamy milk froth for a wide range of coffee specialities 
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour – AromaticSystem
  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – OneTouch for Two
  • Easy cleaning for care and maintenance – Cleaning programmes
  • Communication with the machine could not be easier – WiFi Conn@ct
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CM 6160 MilkPerfection Obsidian Black Benchtop coffee machine

Dimensions: 586 x 435 x 325

Model Overview:

The grinder is positioned directly above the brew unit, this ensures that ground coffee from previously used coffee beans cannot remain in the coffee machine's grinder. The brew chamber expands when water flows in allowing for the ground coffee to be mixed very thoroughly with the water and for the coffee aroma to unfold. Giving you the perfect cup of coffee to relax and wrap your fingers around and enjoy.

WifiConn@ct with Miele@home
Miele@home provides you with a convenient way of controlling and monitoring your coffee machine via Miele@mobile app.

Features include:

  • MobileControl
Start beverage preparation remotely or adjust settings when out and about.

  • SuperVision
Central overview of all Miele WiFi Conn@ct units can be displayed centrally on Miele kitchen appliances.

  • PerformanceMode
The new CM6 MilkPerfection adapts to your needs without any complicated setting changes. You can choose between four different modes on the display and preset the appliance to your individual requirements.

  • Eco mode
The basic setting ensures that you can enjoy your coffee with minimal effort

  • Barista Mode
Optimised for the perfect espresso. The heater element quickly reaches the right temperature to allow for espresso extraction times to be optimised for the perfect crema.

  • Latte Mode
Optimised for beverages with milk, the element can be heated up to the necessary high temperatures very quickly. Give you shorter wait times and perfectly creamy milk.

  • Party Mode
Optimised for making lots of beverages in a very short period. Some guests don't wish to wait from great coffe. In party mode, the machine will complete very few switch-ons/interim rinses. This means no interruptions while you churn out perfect coffees for your restless guests.

OneTouch for Two
All bean-to-cup coffee machines are equipped with the new OneTouch for Two function. This function allows you to make two delicious coffee specialities at the same time by simply touching a button. The programme starts automatically. Because preparation takes less time, you have more time together.

Easy cleaning
Daily cleaning is carried out by these intelligent appliances almost autonomously. The milk pipework is automatically cleaned after every drink made with milk. The drip tray, water container and waste container are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe thanks to ComfortClean.

Milk system 
Perfect milk froth 
Unparalleled milk creations: indulge your guests and yourself with a cappuccino or latte macchiato. 
For enjoying coffee in company
OneTouch for Two
For enjoying coffee in company
A single or a double: additional programmes for the preparation of one or two cappuccinos or latte macchiatos.
Networkable for more convenience
Convenient and time-saving: operate remotely via WiFi.
Quickly adjust parameters to your preferences
Expert mode
Quickly adjust parameters to your preferences
Spontaneous and flexible: quantity of coffee and water can be customised even during preparation.
Taking hygiene to the next level
Automatic rinsing of milk pipework
Taking hygiene to the next level
Excellent user convenience: after making coffee specialities with milk, the machine is cleaned automatically.
Easy cleaning
For more comfort during cleaning
Equipment hygiene made easy: removable components and automatic cleaning processes guarantee cleanliness.
For the perfect tea aroma
Hot water
For the perfect tea aroma
Ready for every situation: hot water at the touch of a button for tea or other drinks requiring hot water. 
Selectable beverage portion size in ml
Ristretto, single
Ristretto, double
Espresso, single
Espresso, double
Coffee, single
Coffee, double
Long coffee, single
Long coffee, double
Cappuccino, single
Cappuccino, double
Latte macchiato, single
Latte macchiato, double
Hot milk, single
Latte macchiato, double
Milk froth, single
Milk froth, double
Espresso macchiato, single
Espresso macchiato, double
Cappuccino italiano, single
Cappuccino italiano, double
Flat white, single
Flat white, double
Café au lait, single
Café au lait, double
Caffè latte, single
Caffè latte, double
Warm water, single
Hot water, single
Black tea, single
Herbal tea, single
Fruit tea, single
Green tea, single
White tea, single
Japanese tea, single
Coffee pot
Stainless steel milk tube
Descaling tablets
Cleaning tablets
Brief operating instructions on rear of unit
Energy-saving eco-mode selectable
Power rating in standby mode in W
Power rating in networked standby in W
Freestanding fresh bean system coffee machine
Obsidian Black
Networking with Miele@home
Height adjustable central spout, range in cm
Height adjustable central spout, range in cm
Expert mode
No. of bean types
No. of bean containers
Capacity of bean container A in g
Bean container capacity, total in g
Capacity of water container in l
Capacity of waste container in capsules
Drip tray capacity
Easily accessible containers
Programmable standby time
Programmable settings
OneTouch preparation
OneTouch for Two preparation
Programmable User profiles
Aroma-friendly conical grinder
Selectable grinder setting
Additional coffee types in ground coffee form possible
Programmable amount of coffee
Programmable amount of water
Programmable water temperature
Amount of milk can be programmed
Programmable amount of milk froth
Pre-brewing programmable
Min niche width in mm
Max niche width in mm
Min niche height in mm
Max niche height in mm
Niche depth in mm
Height-adjustable serving spout in cm
8, 14
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Pump pressure in bar
Length of supply lead in m
Manual descaling
Automatic rinsing of milk pipework with water from the water container
Convenient cleaning programmes
Automatic rinsing function
Removable milk pipework
Removable brew unit
Programmable water hardness
Available display languages via MultiLingua
bahasa malaysia, deutsch, english, slovenčina, slovenščina, srpski, yкраїнська, 中文, 한국어, español, français, magyar, polski, português, pусский, suomi, ελληνιкά, العربية, hrvatski, norsk, čeština, 日本語, dansk, italiano, nederlands, română, svenska, türkçe, 繁體中文
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