Single dryer on plinth Installation - METRO ONLY SERVICE

Professional (for the home) install. For domestic customers only.

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Single dryer on plinth Installation - METRO ONLY SERVICE

Miele Professional (for the home) Single dryer on plinth installation is only available for Miele Metropolitan postcodes.

Installation charges are applicable and Miele will only install at the point of delivery. If you request delivery and then later require installation, this service may be performed by alternative installers or will attract additional charges.

All charges apply at the point of delivery only. Any post-delivery installation must be performed by that states' alternative installers. This is a direct arrangement between the customer and the installers.

Note: Miele installers are trained to install the Miele laundry/dishwasher and refrigeration range, however, they are not plumbers or electricians and this type of work cannot be performed by them.

• The water valve (tap) must be ¾ inch male thread.

• The electrical and inlet water connections must be within 1.5 metres of the appliance. 

• An inspection of the facilities prior to starting.

A Miele tumble dryer installation includes: 

• Unpacking and preparing the appliance for installation 

• Collection and removal of all packing materials 

• Inspection of the appliance(s) for any existing damage or defects 

• Connection of the appliance(s) to existing electric, and or water services (Electrical and water inlets must be within 1.5 m of the products) 

• Insertion of the appliance(s) into the niche/cavity 

• Leveling and securing of the appliance(s) 

• Product testing to ensure satisfactory performance

• Includes fitting of UBS kit and stacking kit

PLEASE NOTE: Miele will only install a stacked dryer when a compatible Miele stacking kit is supplied and available for use as part of the installation. Miele will not position a Miele dryer directly on top of a washing machine as part of an installation.

PLEASE NOTE: Miele will NOT install onto a plinth or into cabinetry.

The removal of the unit from the cavity is included providing this is a straightforward activity without any hindrances such as raised floors / awkward cabinetry or bench tops, or may result in any peripheral damage to the appliance or customer assets. Miele reserves the right not to proceed if the appliance or customer's assets may be compromised.

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