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                                RANGEHOOD ACCESSORIES

                                Discover Miele’s Rangehood Accessories

                                Our rangehood accessories will have your rangehood needs covered. Miele rangehood accessories are there for your rangehoods, and offer optimum enhancements to your premium kitchen appliances. Our rangehood accessories will keep your rangehood in top condition.

                                Our Accessories

                                Our Miele rangehood accessories will keep your Miele appliances in top shape, whilst being easy to adapt to your personal kitchen requirements. Select accessories that are for premium Miele appliances.

                                Our top rangehood accessories include:

                                • Roof Vent Kit – Roof vent kit for tiled roofs with a minimum incline of 22° pitch, with stainless steel casing and lead flashing.
                                • Extended Chimney – Stainless steel chimney extension for selected Miele rangehood models.
                                • Odour Filter with Active Charcoal – Odour filter with active charcoal prevents unpleasant odours in the kitchen, ideal for when recirculating.
                                • Condensate Trap – Prevents condensation from flowing back into the rangehood, excellent for when ducting long distances.

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                                Find the right smart rangehood to suit your needs online today.

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