Floorheads and Accessories

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Roller brush Rotates to remove stubborn soiling.
Product ID: 09782630
$ 35.00
Seal For effective and reliable dust collection.
Product ID: 09782730
$ 11.90
Replacement side brushes For thorough cleaning of edges and corners.
Product ID: 09724010
$ 29.00
for thorough and effortless cleaning of robust flooring.
Product ID: 09730770
$ 119.00

For gentle and extremely quick cleaning of hard floors, soft natural bristles glide gently and smoothly across the floor. Extra wide (41 cm) saving up to 25% vacuuming time compared to the SBB 300-3. Unique double swivel joint for high flexibility of movement.
Product ID: 07101160
$ 149.00
for vacuuming hard floors and carpets thanks to the retractable bristle strip.
Product ID: 07253830
$ 99.00
Electro Premium - electrobrush especially wide for quick and deep cleaning of carpeting.
Product ID: 07243060
$ 415.00
Flexible crevice nozzle Its length enables cleaning of difficult to access, narrow crevices.
Product ID: 07252100
$ 19.95
Flexible suction hose extension for an additional 1.5 metres of reach when vacuuming.
Product ID: 07252210
$ 54.90
Mattress nozzle For vacuuming gaps between bed frames, mattresses and sofa cushions.
Product ID: 07252280
$ 24.90
Wide upholstery nozzle For easy, quick and thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture.
Product ID: 07252190
$ 32.90
Turbo Mini turbobrush for quick removal of hair and lint thanks to the powerful roller brush.
Product ID: 07252850
$ 125.00
for quick removal of hair and fluff even from carpet that needs gentle care.
Product ID: 10455360
$ 179.00

Extra Charger

The additional battery charger allows you to have your second battery on charge, doubling the running time of your Miele vacuum cleaner. 

Convenient charging of the lithium-ion battery independently of the appliance.
Product ID: 11607510
$ 149.00
14 list items
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