Triflex HX2 Pro Cordless Vacuum

Triflex HX2 Pro – the most powerful Miele vacuum cleaner* with extra run-time
  • Up to 120 minutes run-time* for whole home cleaning 
  • Extra-wide brush with LED lighting to capture hidden particles 
  • HEPA* filter with >99.999 %* dust retention capacity 
  • Patented* 3-in-1 design for versatile cleaning 
  • Continuous power with additional battery and charger 
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Triflex HX2 Pro Cordless Vacuum
Dimensions: 764(w) x 290(l) x 215(h) mm

Product benefits:

Digital Efficiency Motor
Miele's new Triflex brushless motor is made in Germany and gives the Triflex HX2 a 60% increase in performance compared to the previous model. This new motor coupled with our Vortex technology, makes the Triflex HX2 Miele's most powerful vacuum cleaner EVER.

Over time, fine dust can get stuck in the pleats of the fine dust filter reducing the performance of your vacuum. Miele's ComfortClean technology agitates the pleats within the filter and allows the dust to drop down into the fine dust container. Simply twist the dial at the top of the canister three times to keep you Triflex running at optimal performance.

120min Run Time
The Miele Triflex’s VARTA Lithium-Ion battery is equipped with 7 high-performance cells, giving Miele’s cordless handstick a run time of up to 120 minutes*.
*Applies to the HX1 Runner & Pro on power setting 1 without electro brush Multi Floor XXL attached with the use of two batteries.

Lifetime HEPA Filter
The HEPA¹ lifetime filter captures and filters 99.999%² of all microscopic particles and allergens, removing them from the air. This maintenance free filter is perfect for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
¹ According to EN 1822/2011
² According to EN 60312-1

Extra Battery
How many times have you been on a call, watching videos or cleaning and it runs out of battery, it's frustrating. Our VARTA Li-Ion battery offers up to 60 minutes* of cleaning per charge per battery.
*Applies to power setting 1 without electro brush Multi Floor XXL attached.

Extra Charger
The additional battery charger allows you to have your second battery on charge, doubling the running time of your Miele vacuum cleaner. By having the second battery on charge, you can take comfort knowing that time is on your side.

LED Floorhead Lights
Depending on the colour of your floor, very small debris such as sand, grains or very fine dirt can go unseen. Miele's exclusive BrilliantLight allows you to see this otherwise invisible debris and assist in giving you the perfect clean.

XXL Floorhead
The extra-wide Electro brush cleans a larger surface area in less time without compromising on performance. It adapts automatically to every type of flooring, ensuring all surfaces are cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Hardfloor Care Tool
The new Miele hardfloor care to tool is perfect for people who have large amount of wood, tile or polish concrete floors. The brush consists of soft-woven nylon that stays in constant contact with the floor allowing it to pick up the finest of dust particles. Simply remove the the brush from the floorhead and insert the hardfloor tool and you are ready to go.

Made in Germany.

Breathe easy
Maintenance-free HEPA* lifetime filter
Breathe easy
Ideal for allergy sufferers: an appliance filtration performance of  99.999 %* using the HEPA* lifetime filter.
Empty in no time
Exclusive to Miele
Empty in no time
Quick and convenient: simply twist to open and empty the dust container.
Gentle care of delicate floors
Hardfloor Care Tool 
Gentle care of delicate floors
Cleaning with care: the Hardfloor Care Tool glides gently over your hard floors to clean them with care.
Vacuuming in all lighting conditions
Exclusive to Miele
BrilliantLight LED
Vacuuming in all lighting conditions
Ultra-bright: the lighting on the floorhead tracks down every single speck of dust. 
Perfectly stored 
Wall bracket with three-piece accessory set
Perfectly stored 
Elegant and practical: your Miele vacuum cleaner can be stored away neatly on the wall. 
Ultimate flexibility for any situation
Exclusive to Miele
Patented 3-in-1 design*
Ultimate flexibility for any situation
Custom convenience: the configuration concept of your Miele vacuum cleaner adapts to suit your needs perfectly. 
Vacuum for longer with the battery charger cradle 
Battery charger cradle 
Vacuum for longer with the battery charger cradle 
Full power: doubles the running time of your vacuum cleaner.
Easy handling
Compact mode
Easy handling
Practical and quick: the PowerUnit solo is ready to use in next to no time. 
Maximum range
Reach mode
Maximum range
Multi-purpose: the PowerUnit is located at the top for maximum flexibility during vacuuming.
Effortless cleaning
Comfort mode
Effortless cleaning
Convenient handling: light in weight for effortless handling.
Patent: DE 102016105475 B4 
Patent: DE 10 2016 105 475 B4 
Cleaning performance compared with a Miele Complete C3 cylinder vacuum cleaner (SGEF3) with STB 305-3 turbobrush (dust pickup from carpet and hard floor with crevices, fibre pickup from carpet). In accordance with IEC 62885-2.
IEC 62885-4
IEC 62885-4
EN 1822/2011
EN 1822/2011
Valid for power level 1 without connected Multi Floor XXL electrobrush and when using 2 rechargeable batteries.
Valid for power level 1 without connected Multi Floor XXL electrobrush and when using 2 rechargeable batteries.
Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given. See General Terms and Conditions in footer for additional details.
Crevice nozzle
Dusting brush with synthetic bristles
Upholstery nozzle XXL SPD 20
Electric brush Multi Floor XXL SEB 435 with BrilliantLight
Cleaning tool
Battery charging tray
Wall Mount
Power supply unit
Additional battery
Hardfloor Care soft roller
Carpet Care Tool
Electronic suction power control
3-level slide control
Exchangeable Li-Ion battery
3-in-1 function
Battery type
Nominal battery capacity in mAh
Volume in dB
Width in mm
Height in mm
Weight in kg
Running time MIN-stage PowerUnit solo
Running time MIN-stage with electrical accessories
Running time MAX-stage with electrical accessories
Cleaning area in m²
Recharging time in min.
Battery-powered stick vacuum cleaner
Product brand
Triflex HX2
Product type
Appliance colour
Infinity grey PF
Vortex Technology
Electric brush Multi Floor XXL SEB 435 with BrilliantLight
Exhaust filter
HEPA lifetime filter
Dustbag volume in l
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