Fridge Miele 3 yr Service Certificate

Enjoy an extended 3 years peace of mind with the Miele Service Certificate.
Fridge Miele 3 yr Service Certificate

Enjoy an extended 3 years peace of mind with the Miele Service Certificate.

For complete peace of mind, the Miele Service Certificate extends your manufacturers warranty period of 2 years to 5 years from the date of appliance delivery, for a single charge of $ 269 (Inc.GST) per appliance.

The Miele Service Certificate can be purchased from Miele strictly for a period of 60 days from the appliance invoice date. Following expiry of this 60 day period you will not be eligible for the Miele Service Certificate.

Please read the following Miele Service Certificate Terms & Conditions before proceeding to purchase:Miele Service Certificate Terms & Conditions

Exclusive Benefits.
The Miele Service Certificate offers added benefits over and above certain statutory guarantees and rights that you already have under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The Miele Service Certificate is not available for commerical Miele products or for domestic products used in a commercial environment. Any determination regarding what is deemed a commercial environment will be at Miele's sole discretion.

  • Peace of mind let Miele manage the whole process for you.
  • Ordinary wear and tear repair or replacement.
  • New for old replacement.
  • Cash payment where product replacement is not viable.
  • Installation and removal in the case of replacement of your appliance during the MSC period.
  • $50 CareCollection Voucher for use on the Miele Online Shop.
  • Dry cleaning allowance up to $150.
  • Food spoilage reimbursement up to $300
  • Courier / Transportation to and from your home to a repair centre
  • Transferable cover


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